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MOT Academy is a school that has helped struggling students since 2008. MOT Academy has worked with all students regardless of an individuals abilities or disabilities. Here at MOT we encourage student growth and help them complete their studies at their own pace. 

MOT is proud to be a leader in academic Credit Recovery and is proud to be continuing their unique Program in the hopes of helping students struggling academically either in private schools or the public school setting. Our unique program that provides a small classroom setting will allow students to feel less stressed while completing their credits with the support and help from their dedicated teacher who is trained in our recovery program. Our goal is to help any student that needs to higher their GPA or complete any credits needed in order to graduate. 

Our Credit Recovery Program works along side other high schools to better assist them in allowing students to complete their classes and be able to graduate with their own peers or simply return when on level back to their own home-school. 

The MOT Credit Recovery Program encourages students to complete their education while exploring exciting careers, embrace their dream by showing them the world’s possibilities through field work and field trips. These experiences will further help and educate each student in their quest for a brighter future.

For more information please contact :

Melissa Bezanilla

Program Director

(786) 734-1390

Arlene Torres


(305) 962-3497

(786) 299-5915